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The Habits of Successful Marketers

Did you wake up this morning and decide you wanted to be a crappy marketer? Probably not.

Did you wake up this morning and decide you wanted to be a crappy marketer? Probably not. We’re guessing you’re like us, you want to be a great marketer. You want to be a CMO of a cool company, a freelancer making $20,000 per project, or a marketer who goes on a speaking tour.

Whatever your career goals are, you’re probably paying attention to the great marketers in your industry, trying to be like them. Obviously wearing their clothes and getting your hair cut like them isn’t going to help you be more like them. So what can you actually do? Well, look at the soft skills that they all have in common.

And, good news, our friends over at Buffer have already done the hard work for us. All the deets are below:

  • (02:08) Creativity comes naturally to some people, but if you aren’t creative, you can still learn that skill.
  • (03:04) Great marketers are obsessed with their craft, which is closely related to passion. They’re always talking about it, learning about it, and practicing it.
  • (04:17) The second skill great marketers have is that they are really good at being uncomfortable and they push through failure. As a marketer, that means you’re doing and trying things you’re afraid of.
  • (05:47) “All growth depends upon activity. There is no development physically or intellectually without effort, and effort means work.” – Calvin Coolidge [Tweet This Quote].
  • (05:59) Great marketers make a habit of connecting with other talented people. They actively seek advice from others.
  • (08:33) Another trait of great marketers is that they’re confident. But, there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance.
  • (09:33) Does this sound familiar? People who are the most competent tend to underestimate themselves, while the least competent tend to overestimate themselves.
  • (10:05) If you want to be a great leader and marketer, you need to know where you fall.

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