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Hacking Facebook Ads to Show More Social Proof

Social proof is huge for your Facebook ads. Comments, likes, and shares on an ad mean free clicks and a lower CPC when you do pay for it. The problem? When you edit that ad or wanna target a different audience, your social proof is reset to zero. Womp womp.

Until today. This Listen includes one of the most useful tips ever – how to use one ad’s social engagement to target a different audience. It’s super simple, and one of our favorite tricks.

More tips & timestamps here:

  • How to use an ad’s social proof for another ad set (3:56)
  • How to target a sub-group in your target audience (11:38)
  • How do you troubleshoot when your ads aren’t performing as you expected? (This happens to everyone) (13:57)
  • Can you get support from Facebook about your ads? (17:05)

Bonus tip: Let your ads get to at least 1,000 impressions before making any changes.


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