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Happy Social Media Day, Carnies!

Ahh, social media. Could you imagine a time without it? Hang on, really think about this one. Many of us can remember life before Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and all the others. But let’s keep going back. Back in 1997, when the first social media platform came to fruition, Six Degrees.

Look at how much social media evolved over the 20-ish years it’s been around. Furthermore, the profound impact it’s had on consumers and for the marketing industry. Holy moly, someone get the guacamole!

Okay, now that you’re in a deep-thinking mindset, let’s have some fun. Keep reading to find which social media platform best suits your personality!

  • Facebook: Well-Rounded. Openness. Sharing.
  • Twitter: Quirky. Outspoken. Witty.
  • Snapchat: Genuine. Out-Going. Fun.
  • TikTok: Trendy. Innovative. Wholesome.
  • Pinterest: Creative. Clever. Versatile.
  • LinkedIn: Ambitious. Value-driven. Skilled.
  • Instagram: Adventurous. Perfectionist. Worldly.
  • Youtube: Unique. Personable. Storyteller.

Now time to get into a few of our favorite Brand accounts on social: 

We’re big fans of National Geographic’s Safari Live content. NG gets one thing right, and its that communication is a two-way street. Viewers tag along with experts on an unparalleled experience, while Facebook Live offers the chance for real-time Q&A sessions.

When you think of TikTok, The Washington Post probably isn’t the first brand to come to mind. But we have to give credit where it’s due. Using TikTok, TWP was able to attach a face (aka Dave) to the brand. This move makes them recognizable and personable.

The Container Store on Pinterest is a true organizer’s dream. Sure, TCS dives into the inspiration, but what really works is their tutorials. Pinterest becomes the perfect platform to show consumers the best way to use TCS products.

Sorry, friends, we’re running out of room. We’re wrapping up with a few honorable mentions: Moonpie’s distinct personality sets them apart on Twitter, while Chewy separates itself from the suit and tie norm of LinkedIn.


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