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‘High-Quality Content’ Tips from Google’s Own Style Guides

Ever wonder what the heck Google means by “high-quality content?” As in, the good stuff that ranks really well?

Well, hot dang would ya look at that — Google published 5 different guides aimed at helping its own creators striving for high-quality digital content. As in, guides that Google uses internally.

Are you telling us we can get a look through the window of Google’s soul? This hyperbolic writer says, yes.

Today’s Read gives us a brief overview and key points gathered from the Developer Documentation Style Guide, as well as links to HTML/CSS Style Guide, JavaScript Style Guide, Java Style Guide.

Obviously, they’re for technical content creators, but seeing what Googles considers ~essential~ for high-quality content is valuable in its own right — and can def serve marketers in their own content-creation journey.

Ch-ch-ch-check ‘em out →


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