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Hook, Story, Offer: The 3-Step Method For Selling Online

Copywriting is essential to your marketing materials. If you are struggling to catch people’s attention in a way that converts, use this simple formula for your copy: Hook + Story + Offer.

The Hook:

Everything starts with a hook. This is a headline and subheading that grabs your target market’s attention. It’s something that should make them want to keep reading. Sometimes it’s a headline, sometimes it’s a relatable GIF.

Good places to start for a hook: Something that sparks curiosity, something that relays empathy, or something that makes a promise.

The Story:

Next, tell an interesting and compelling story! Everyone loves a story so here is your chance to expand on how the product you’re selling changed a life (be it your own or someone else’s).

Tips for a good story: Tell a story that looks to the future, keep things concise, and remember to keep using “hooks” throughout your copy, not just at the beginning.

The Offer:

You’ve brought your reader this far, so it’s time to give them an offer. If you’ve done your storytelling correctly, they’ll want to know how it can happen to them, too. Your price/value ratio should be so compelling that your target market can’t say “no.”

Tips for creating your offer: Create a sense of urgency so your readers can’t procrastinate, make sure your perceived value is high before you reveal the deal, or add a “risk-reversal” as well with a free trial or guarantee.

Some of this applies to longer-form copy or multiple message approaches, but the Hook, Story, Offer formula can still apply to your ads, social media posts, and CTAs. Check out the full Click Funnels post for real-world examples!


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