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How 24 Hour Fitness Powers Social with UGC

24 Hour Fitness joined the SocialPros podcast to talk about how they organize social media with 500 locations.

Fitness brands probably have a slightly easier time on social media than…a…a turbomachinery company. But that still doesn’t mean it’s easy for them. Especially when the fitness brand has 500 locations, wants to empower their follows, and become a source of inspiration.

Those are some of the huge, massive, gigantic goals for 24 Hour Fitness on social media. One of their Social Media Specialists, Mykah Hardin, joined the SocialPros podcast to talk about how they organize social media with 500 locations, how user-generated content fits in, and how they segment interactions based on locations (that last one is really interesting).

Really insightful stuff so we’re just gonna kick it right over to Jay Baer and Mykah…

Tune in at 5:02 for the start of this one.

  • (07:24) With almost 500 locations, they try to run social at the corporate level, but every location has its own Facebook page.
  • (09:20) Mykah views her job as a nearly 24-hour job—meaning she engages at all hours of the day with fans on social media.
  • (10:38) 24 Hour Fitness uses HYP3R to engage with people on social media who are at their locations, but aren’t tagging the brand on social media.
  • (12:15) HYP3R allows you to create templates based on how you commonly engage with fans.
  • (14:14) They use user-generated content to prevent themselves from becoming too salesy.
  • (15:39) They have guidelines when it comes to UGC. Specifically, they want unique, creative content.
  • (18:17) Influencers are a huge part of 24 Hour Fitness’s social strategy.
  • (19:19) Mykah doesn’t require influencers to be a member of 24 Hour Fitness, and she also doesn’t work with mega-influencers. Micro-influencers are where it’s at.
  • (20:48) 24 Hour Fitness was an Olympic sponsor, which was a big social media success for them. As you’d expect.
  • (22:38) If Mykah was given an unlimited budget, she’d spend it creating social videos for the brand.
  • (27:28) Mykah thinks YouTube will be playing a big part in the future of social media.
  • (29:05) Consistency is the most important thing on social media.

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