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How Brands are Using YouTube Shorts

Shorts are great to entertain your audience and help you to possibly persuade the right peeps to take action with your brand. They’re a little different than TikToks and Reels, so we’re going to break down how to use them properly.

Benefits of YouTube Shorts:

  1. You can reach a wider audience. YouTube has 774.6 million active mobile users.
  2. Shorts can tell stories. Use it for highlights, recaps, short observations, or even a multi-part series that can gain traction.
  3. It’s getting hot. Users are more likely to see Shorts than your longer-form video content hosted on YouTube because brands are just now getting in on the action.

How to Make Shorts:

  1. Check out the YouTube app. YouTube has native editing tools right in the app.
  2. Specifically create a Short. You don’t want to just re-upload a TikTok (we know, it’s tempting to reduce steps in your process). PLUS you only have 60 seconds for YouTube Shorts, so make it count.
  3. Mind Your Ps and Qs. YouTube doesn’t follow trending audio and music in the same way that TikTok and Instagram does. BUT you should still consider adding a music track, text, and filters to improve your video overall. Be sure to make it public.

Check out the full post by Metigy for real examples of successful Shorts that worked for brands and creators.


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