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How can marketers use ChatGPT?

You’ve probably heard the hype about ChatGPT, the AI chatbot trained by OpenAI that amassed over a million users in five days. ChatGPT is capable of generating natural and coherent language responses to general questions. Its ability to build strategies and automate tasks has caused some experts to speculate that AI has the potential to replace human marketers in the not-so-distant future. For now, it’s still a developing tool with the power to enhance your workflow. Here’s how:

  • Keyword suggestions. ChatGPT can’t replace a solid SEO strategy, but it can help quickly identify a list of synonyms from a root keyword.
  • Content. Major digital publications have already started trusting ChatGPT with basic articles. The copy is relevant and readable, if a little rudimentary. However, with a simple request like “What to see and do in Athens,” ChatGPT provides a helpful overview and outline for a real content writer to work from.
  • Ad copy. Coming up with snappy headlines and taglines can suck up a lot of time. ChatGPT seems to excel at yielding totally viable options for a request like “give me headlines related to ‘buy budget beds online.'” If AI doesn’t strike gold for you, it’s at least getting the brainstorm started.
  • Names. Need to come up with the second-best name for a newsletter? ChatGPT can do that, too.

    Ok, nothing groundbreaking here.
  • Code. If you need a little help with basic coding and your favorite dev is busy, you tell ChatGPT to “create HTML for a link to open in new window,” for example.

Check out Browser Media’s article to find out more about ChatGPT’s capabilities and limitations.


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