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How ExamSoft Works With Customers to Create Relevant Content

Customers, man. What are they good for? Well, aside from likely being the reason your company is a company, what else are they good for?

Turns out they can be really good at content creation too. Yup, you might have never considered that, but it’s true. Some of your best clients can take some content creation off your plate.

It’s honestly easier said than done, but it’s still definitely possible with a client-ambassador program. 2018 is coming up, and it might be time to look into creating a client-ambassador program for your company.

ExamSoft is one company with an amazing client-ambassador program. Over half of all of their content is created by clients. Hear how they do it from their Director of Marketing, Stephanie Totty, in today’s Listen

  • (6:15) A big part of ExamSoft’s content strategy actually uses their clients. They rely on clients to create and distribute content.
  • (8:40) Stephanie lets their client-ambassadors be as active or inactive as they like, but she does compensate (aka: give them cold hard cash) them for any work they do.
  • (9:31) 100% of their webinars are created by clients, and about 50% of their blog posts come from clients.
  • (13:03) 30-60 minute webinars work well for ExamSoft, but Vidyard has success with 9-10 minute webinars. It’s all about catering to audience expectations.
  • (15:43) Their client-ambassadors even speak at conferences on ExamSoft’s behalf. As we all know, word-of-mouth is some of the best marketing so incentivizing your best clients to speak on your behalf should be a no-brainer.
  • (17:20) The number one reason why ExamSoft’s client-ambassador program is so successful is that they compensate their clients. No one should work for free.
  • (21:40) To gate or un-gate your content? ExamSoft gates some content based on the performance of the content.
  • (25:17) Write this down, print it out, yell it from the rooftops: Content is not just a lead-gen mechanism. Great content should be used in every step of the buyer’s journey.

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