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How Facebook’s Ad Algorithm Works

Do you know how Facebook’s ad algorithm works? It has to deal with thousands of advertisers trying to reach the same audience. Facebook has a lot on its plate to determine when to show what ad.

Good news for us — the algorithm is crazy smart. That means you’re probably doing too much work on your Facebook ad campaigns. Seriously, do less.

Facebook tracks approximately 272,000 attributes about each person. It doesn’t give advertisers access to all of those attributes, but it uses them in its ad algorithm and you need to let that algorithm do the heavy lifting with ads. When you tweak your Facebook ads too much, the algorithm ends up adjusting too much. This means it can’t get a good estimate of who is likely to convert on your ad and who isn’t.

Key takeaways from today’s Listen (in case you don’t have time to listen to this):

  • Do less. Do less tweaking and use fewer ad sets
  • Trust the algorithm. Facebook knows more about your audience than you do. Let it find the people most likely to convert.
  • Facebook wants your ads to perform well because if they don’t perform well, advertisers will pull their money from the platform.
  • Focus on the big things you can change. Use eye-catching creative, amazing ad copy, and useful offers.

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