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How Hard Is It to Draw a Brand Logo From Memory?

Quick! Draw the Starbucks logo from memory (without Googling it…we see you trying to cheat, Kyle). It’s harder than you’d think. What colors are used? Where does the word “Starbucks” go? Trick question: their brand name isn’t anywhere on the logo.

As found out, drawing brand logos from memory is way harder than you’d expect. They asked 150 Americans to draw 10 famous logos from memory, and the results are…laughably bad.

With brand logos being some of the most prominent images these days, you’d expect people to have a good handle on what they look like. Out of all the logos, people were the best at drawing Ikea’s logo and the worst at drawing Starbucks. Weird considering how often we’re at a Starbucks versus Ikea. (Although, we get so lost in Ikea that we’ve probably spent more cumulative time in Ikea than Starbucks.)

Anyway, today’s Read might not make you a better marketer, but it’ll definitely give you a few laughs. Just wait until you get to the section where mocked up the poorly drawn logos onto specific products.

Some of our favorites:

It’s Friday, you deserve a few lolz.


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