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How Intent Driven Campaigns Generates Top of The Funnel Leads?

Where are my B2B, folks? We got quite the lesson for you today. UnboundB2B has the scoop on intent-driven marketing campaigns and why you should be paying more attention to this strategy. Let’s get started!

You might be thinking intent-driven, whaaat? We’ll let UnBoundB2B explain – “Intent data points directly at what consumers want. It is behavior data that gives out signals on where prospective customers are in their buying journey.”

Friends, intent-data gives you the chance to personalize the sales approach and messaging. Aka, it’s time to take the guesswork out of B2B marketing.

What Types of Intent-Data are Important

  • Individual Activity or the unique data collected based on website interaction.
    • Are viewers new or repeating?
    • Which page does the visitor view?
    • Which campaign or channel brought them to the page?
  • Behavioral Data or insight into a prospect’s different engagement actions.
    • Ex. The metric Time Spent on Page can determine interest in offerings.
  • Use Context to understand the nature of viewer interest. It can help limit misreading a person’s online behavior signals for intent to buy.
    • Is a search being done with an active interest or being conducted out of curiosity?
  • Surge Data or a sudden interest around a specific topic.
    • Are there multiple people from your target account visiting a topic continuously?

How to Use Intent-Data in Content Marketing

  • Optimize your inbound campaign content that can lead to more reliable intent signals.
  • Lead forms should collect info that helps you build an informative context profile.
  • Take an omni-channel approach to promote your content. And vary language in a way that will attract prospects with the most intent to buy.
  • Utilize video content if your message is best conveyed through a demonstration.

UnboundB2B has more advice and tips to give regarding intent-data. Click through and learn!


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