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How Marketers Are Optimizing Their Email Marketing, According to Research

Slow to get moving in the morning? Get some coffee in your system. Bam. Optimized. Usual traffic on the way to work? Leave 5 minutes earlier. There. Optimized. Locked yourself out of your house? I wish we had more for you than our sympathies.

Optimization makes things better. It makes us better. It makes our work better. And the sky’s the limit. Today, Convince & Convert is revealing how marketers are optimizing their email marketing with research to back it up.

What is email optimization?

It’s a simple question, and there’s no need to overthink the answer. Email optimization is whatever you can do in your email marketing to make recipients happier while increasing ROI and conversion rates. So what are the bigger challenges email marketers face when it comes to optimization?

  • Maintaining an engaged list takes the lead with 45% of marketers surveyed indicating this as the number one challenge.
  • Reducing spam complaints came in second place with 37% of marketers surveyed selecting it as a difficult objective.

While these are two different concerns, emphasis on the first one can help alleviate problems with the second. In other words, improving the relevancy of content will help with engagement and will decrease the perceived spamminess of an email.

Get the Fundamentals Right First

Don’t put the cart before the horse. Optimization begins before you send the email. Lock down the design of your email and make sure it looks good across desktop, mobile, and different browsers. Breaking down what marketers said in the Email Marketing Optimization Survey:

  • Design was at the top of attributes to test prior to launching email campaigns with 43%. The design needs to work and create an easy flow of information.
  • Deliverability was next with 36% of those surveyed saying it was one of the most important attributes. Deliverability is crucial because without it you won’t have any engagement at all. Go figure.

There’s more where that came from, go see the rest!


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