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How One Blogger Grew His Traffic 10x Without Creating New Content

If you’ve been blogging for a year or more, your blog is probably a mess. There are likely broken links, old images, junky content, etc. We’re not trying to start a beef, those things just happen.

Here’s the unfortunate truth: that messiness is actually holding your blog back from its true traffic potential. For real. Just ask Todd Tresidder. He recently completely redesigned his blog, got rid of the outdated stuff, and made it a better user experience. It was a huge job, but after it was completed he saw a 10x growth in blog traffic — without creating one new post.

We’ll repeat that: a 10x traffic growth without creating any new content.

Hear how he did it in the latest Problogger podcast. No time to listen? We’ve got the show notes and time stamps right here…

  • (02:01) Todd is a financial planning blogger who started his website back in 1998.
  • (04:05) He knew that over the years his website had become so jumbled with content that it wasn’t providing a clear user experience. Broken links were abundant, images looked old, the voice was all over the place.
  • (05:00) These issues happen to all websites in existence.
  • (05:39) What Todd did to fight those issues:
    • New site design
    • New internal linking
    • New navigation structure
    • Deleted junk, irrelevant and out-of-date content
    • Redirected deleted content to other posts
    • Rewrote, combined and updated remaining content
  • (06:18) After he completed all of that, Google rewarded him with a huge boost in traffic…in less than a week.
  • (07:17) He deleted 30% of his existing content, but traffic to his other posts tripled.
  • (07:46) Quality is the new SEO. It’s not about more. It’s about better.
  • (09:58) This is a massive job, so you need to delegate and break it down piece-by-piece.

Just goes to show that there’s more than one way to grow your blog traffic. Plenty more to learn here 👇


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