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How People Read

Our minds work in amazing ways – especially in how we make sense of visuals. The way we communicate through text isn’t as simple as presenting a paragraph of content. We are visual creatures who require a little stimulation and interest to gain our full reading attention.

Chris Do put together a helpful guide on how we digest typography. Here are some interesting tips on text treatments and how we read content:

  • ALL CAPS is great for emphasis, but caps do require a little extra effort to read them. It’s rarely advised to use it for body copy.
  • Humans will recognize the shape of words before actually reading letters.
  • You can reduce the amount of letters to represent a word to make words easier to read (with the right context around it).

This guide is a preview of Chris Do’s full Typography 01 course. We wanted to share the conversation continued about the guide that Chris shared on LinkedIn.

Some conversation around typography:

  • We need better typography with writers who understand how important it is to have a designer or production designer involved with establishing type that is legible, depending on color and placement for users.
  • When you find yourself in a “chicken or egg” situation with copy or design first – start with copy.
  • When you emphasize everything, nothing is emphasized. So keep that in mind for your font weights, as well as capitalization.

Visuals do it best! Check out the full post by Chris Do that includes the full pocket guide with text examples.


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