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How These 30 Companies are Celebrating Women’s History Month in 2021

People should be a company’s most valuable asset. The mix of unique perspectives, skill sets, and backgrounds make for a business that can better understand and cater to its customers. During Women’s History Month, the focus is all about womens’ contributions in the workplace and society and how everyone can promote equality in all aspects of our lives. If you’re looking for a way to celebrate and support the cause, take a look at Power To Fly’s list of 30 companies celebrating Women’s History Month in 2021.

Moody’s. Moody’s is thinking beyond the month of March by launching a Gender and Finance Hub. This hub will include business offerings, leadership programs, and partnerships supporting gender equality. They will also host virtual events and activities across the globe to recognize the achievements of women and the societal and workplace struggles women face today.

Elastic. This organization is intent on ensuring equal pay and equal representation in hiring. After undergoing a voluntary audit of their pay discrepancies, they created an equal pay policy and vow to fill senior-level positions with women. During Women’s History Month, Elastic will amplify the voices of women in the organization through blog posts and promote volunteer opportunities to help empower women everywhere.

LogMeIn. This organization specializes in remote working software and applications and looks to shed light on the challenges women face in the new widespread flexible working environment. Internally, LogMeIn is taking a deep dive into its own practices and how they can remove barriers to growth for women within the company.

Bumble. As a women-led organization, this dating and social networking company is committed to maintaining equality within its ranks. Throughout the hiring process, they seek people from diverse backgrounds to support their commitment to equality. During March, Bumble encourages employees to support the #ChooseToChallenge campaign as a means of demonstrating a commitment to gender equality. Furthermore, they’ll feature guest speakers who will talk about why gender equality is necessary for the workplace and society.

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