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How to Actually Kill it on Social Media

Social media is overrun with tips, tactics, and advice on how to make it work for your company. This raises the question, what actually works?

We’ve got a podcast today that’s going to cut through the BS and reduce all that info down to the advice that actually works.

  1. Use Quora (we love Quora. If you’re not using it, start now) to figure out what questions people are asking. If people are asking it on that platform, they also likely want to know the answer on your social platforms.
  2. Use a website pop-up to ask for a Facebook Like (LinkedIn, Twitter, whatever) instead of asking for an email. It’s an easier, less annoying request.
  3. Publishing status updates on LinkedIn is huge! Gotta tell you, this has been an amazing way for us to amplify our content – for free! You can’t beat free.
  4. Use automation tools to help with growth. There are so many tools out there for all platforms. They seem to work the best on LinkedIn and Twitter but do some Googling to see what’s best for you. Some of them are kind of blackhat-ish so use them at your own risk.

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