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How to Appeal to Gen Z Shoppers

There’s a reason Gen Z has such a powerful hold on platforms like TikTok and shopping behaviors. It’s because they have some big spending power of up to $143 billion. So what is a brand to do?

Gen Z appreciates a lot of things from brands like transparency and mission-driven values. Here are generation trends to keep in mind when trying to appeal to Gen Z:

  1. Gen Z is some of the most information-hungry consumers: This is where your service needs to shine for both digital and in-person experiences. They appreciate product demos and will spend more for a good experience in-store across all categories. On the other hand, though, bad experiences are hard to forgive for Gen Zers.
  2. Product provenance is big: Make it clear why your product is priced the way it is with transparent storytelling on who made it, how it was made, and where it was made or sourced from. “Profit over provenance” is a surefire way to switch Gen Z off of your brand.
  3. But price and functionality are still important: The appeal of your brand can not be purely based on your heritage. Fighting for lifelong brand loyalty means more than a snazzy brand front. There’s always going to be a matter of pricing to sweeten that deal.
  4. A synchronized experience is key: Online research is now an absolute given before any purchase. Gen Z shoppers expect a well-synchronized online and offline experience for a considered purchase. This means customer journeys should think customer-first, not just about platforms, and be consistent.

There are a lot of benefits to appealing to Gen Z customers for high-standard shopping experiences overall as well as clearly understanding your own brand’s perception. Check out the full Gekko article for more Gen Z trend statistics and ways to appeal to them as a brand.


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