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How to Boost the Performance of Every Blog Article You Write

It seems there’s a new rocket launch every other day. With the number of players in the space industry, it’s a race to establish infrastructure for satellite networks, moon bases, ISS upgrades, and more. These are all tremendous feats of engineering, but they accomplish nothing without a big boost.

Spacecrafts are pretty neat on their own, but they have purposes to fulfill and they need boosters to get them to where they need to go. Your blog is the same way. You write a piece of content to serve a purpose, but it can’t do that without getting in front of people. Convince & Convert is showing us how to boost the performance of every blog article you write.

  • Add a Section Where You Answer Related Questions. While you craft a piece around some keywords to answer a question on a topic, there will typically be many questions left unanswered. Find out what those questions are and answer them as they pertain to your topic. You can implement an FAQ beneath your article to rattle off answers to some of those outstanding questions.
  • Create and Embed Videos. Video grabs attention. It’s as simple as that. This growing medium provides readers with another way to digest and share your content. Start publishing videos with new blog pieces to get more eyes on your content.
  • Diversify Your in-Content Calls-to-Action. Every site has a goal. Yours might be selling your products and services, increasing readership, or gaining new subscribers. Your CTAs help move your readers toward your goal. Hopefully, you already have CTAs on your pages, but you can also implement social sharing buttons, a mailing list subscription form, and push notifications within the browser to alert people when new content is published.

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