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How to Build a Personal Brand After a Job Loss

A recent article from Content Marketing Institute features a personal account on developing a reputation. And without further ado, here’s how you can kick start your personal brand and be on your way to your next great opportunity.

  • Launching a blog. (We’d like to expand this to podcasting or video platforms as well.) Embrace a medium that will help you share your knowledge and gain credibility. When a hiring manager asks, “What are your strengths?” You can confidently say, “x, y, z are my bread and butter. Here are select articles I wrote that showcase my expertise.”
    • Use Grammarly to prepare your written draft and a simple WordPress site to show the world.
    • Be consistent with publishing. Whether it’s once a week, bi-weekly, or monthly.
    • Featured other industry experts in your content
  • Taking to social media. Finding a community of like-minded individuals will be your goldmine as you dive into personal branding. Follow others, start conversations, and again, share your expertise.
    • Though you may be tempted to hit up LinkedIn, focus on a platform you feel most comfortable with whether that’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook Groups.
    • We’ll say it again, dive into the conversation and engage with other users! Take advantage of Twitter Chats, for example.
    • Focused less on sharing links to content
    • Obsessed less over the sequence of tweets in my profile
  • Starting a marketing meetup. CMI talks about specifically setting up a [email protected] Bloggers meet up in San Mateo using A chance to learn from peers and expanding your network, sign us up every time! CMI’s go-to meet up advice:
    • Ask for help
    • Ask presenters to promote the meetup to their networks
    • Experiment more with paid advertising
    • Gain more financial flexibility by selling more sponsorships

Read the full article to get the author’s personal experience in building a personal brand.


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