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How to Build A Sales Funnel without SEO or Content Marketing

We know, we knowwww—we are literally always preaching the importance of SEO and content marketing. Heck, it was just yesterday.

We know it’s crucial, you know it’s crucial. But, if you’re a business or brand just starting out, you need to balance that stuff with more short-term, immediate traffic. SEO and content marketing won’t really help you there…

But you know what will help you? Today’s Listen from the fellas at Growth Mapping. In a hot 11 minutes, they cover several ways to build a successful sales funnels sans SEO and content marketing.

  • (01:20) Why you need to make sure you understand your buyers’ struggles so well that you can talk to their pain and explain it better than they can. Hey, we just talked about these pain points too!
  • (02:20) Make sure they see you as experts.  
  • (03:30) How to get immediate traffic using paid ads and where to start.
  • (04:30) How to be cheap and specific when targeting your audience.
  • (04:50) Ideas for an evergreen webinar, what you should include, and what you shouldn’t.
  • (06:00) The power of a webinar that offers no solution…
  • (06:50) How to reel people in without handing them the solution to their problems.
  • (08:20) Using webinar as a sales tool.
  • (10:00) How Sujan handles his webinars in a way that gets him signups.

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