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How to Catapult Your Career in the Real World

Happy Women’s Equality Day! Today marks the anniversary of the 19th amendment…aka, women’s right to vote

To celebrate, first, we’d like to remind our Carnage fam to exercise their right to vote this November. And on a marketing-related note, we’re learning from two brilliant women who are making inspiring strides in the professional world.

MissFits interviewed Salpy Talian, Art Director for CAUSEBOX, and Kiersten Hathcock, Founder of Mod Mom Furniture about their careers. We’re only able to cover brief snippets, so head over to MissFits for the full, 6-question interview.

Q3: What is your advice regarding negotiations? (promotion or salary)

“No one will advocate for you except you. Working hard and being kind absolutely gets you on the right path, but you have to help yourself navigate to the next stop.

I approach this like I approach design—presentation is everything and this goes for yourself, too! Spell it out and speak up because managers aren’t mind-readers. This doesn’t always work out, though, so keep in mind the next biggest promotion is an entirely new job.” – Salpy

Q4: How have you dealt with gender-bias situations in your career?

“Oh boy. Well, this is a particularly loaded question for me. I built a furniture company from our garage without carpentry experience or know-how in a male-dominated industry.

The eye rolls, brushoffs, and “I know better than she does” attitude has been infuriating and strengthening at the same time…and a true test for me to not take things personally. I learned to stand proudly and not take any sh*t from anyone. 

Early on, I gave my power away thinking some of these men with oodles of experience knew better. They didn’t. I still find myself in situations where I have to push back and stand up but it’s much easier now that I’ve had so much practice.” – Kiersten

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