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How to Choose the Right Colors for Effective Email Marketing

We’re on a color kick! We talked about what color can mean to your landing pages, but what about your emails?

Your Color Psychology Recap:

  • White: Typically positive meaning, like purity.
  • Black: Often used for elegance and luxury.
  • Red: It’s pretty bold and can evoke a sense of urgency (or negativity).
  • Yellow/Orange: These are energetic and typically happy colors.
  • Blue: Often used for trust and calmness but is overall a very popular brand color.
  • Green: Can signify growth.

Best Practices for Using Color in Email:

  • Develop a consistent palette: After considering color psychology, choose colors that work with your existing brand. Tie them in consistently as part of your own brand recognition. (Ideally, you would have picked brand colors based on what feelings colors evoke beforehand).
  • Don’t use too many colors: 3-4 colors are usually enough. You don’t want to make it too busy.
  • Use contrasting colors: Remember to use contrasting colors to improve email accessibility. Ideally you want one main color for your CTA and links to stand out.
  • Hyperlinks need more attention: Even if your colors are contrasting enough, if something is blind to a specific color, they may still need formatting to differentiate hyperlinks.
  • Test on every level: Accessibility and dark mode conversion are really important in your design and testing phases. Then you’d ideally want to A/B test your CTAs with different colors as well.

Check out the full post by Email on Acid for accesibility tips and email examples.


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