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How to Craft a Social Media Landing Page That Wows

Wow-power marketing. It’s a level of marketing that makes a user’s jaw drop and wallets open. That’s the marketing we’re aiming for. And Agorapulse is going to help get one step closer.

Get your pen and paper out ’cause we’re running through 8 steps to create better social media landing pages.

  1. Cut the clutter and keep your main goal crystal clear. With landing pages, it’s tempting to add sidebars, pop-ups, social share buttons, and everything in between. Here’s the thing, though a simple landing page will help visitors stay on task and moving straight down the buyer’s journey.
  2. Make your brand apparent throughout your landing pages – logos, voice, colors, so on. It’s all about reassuring the customer. Maintaining your brand within all online presence tells visitors they are in the right place especially when leaving one place for another.
  3. Knock that first impression outta the park with a killer headline. It’s the first piece of context they’ll see coming into the page, so make it count by explaining their benefits and encouraging action.
  4. Consistency with your messaging matters. Regardless of where people come from – a paid ad, a Twitter post, Stories swipe-up, etc – they have expectations. Fulfill those expectations by using the same language from destination A to destination B and beyond.
  5. Make the visuals count. Creatives add an appealing element to landing pages. It could be product photos, demos, or even digestible infographics. Just make sure it relates to the message you’re trying to convey.
  6. Directly show customers the way with a compelling CTA. Help customers navigate through the buyer’s journey. Take blogs for example, at the end, send readers to learn about a related topic or product by using a short CTA that peaks interest to continue.

Two more steps to cover with Agorapulse, plus the what and why!


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