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How to Create a 3-Month SEO Plan

The names Amy Porterfield and Neil Patel should be enough warning.

We’re diving in ’cause we have too much to cover. The marketing geniuses run through a 3-month SEO action plan. Pretty much if you have anything to do with the letters SEO, pay attention!

(12:25) Month #1 – Research & Competitor Analysis

All traffic is not equal, it’s important to start off by finding the right keys words based on what you offer and who your audience is. Look for quality!

(16:20) SEMRush (paid) or Ubersuggest (free) break down keyword competition, cost per click, and search volume.

Ideally, you’ll want to look for a higher cost per click, lower competition, and high search volume.

(21:45) Month #2 – Optimizing On-page Code & Building Content

On-page code means creating code that Google can read. Have a WordPress site? Yoast SEO plugin is free and will do the majority of your on-page code.

(24:00) Use Google Search Console to see which keywords are driving traffic.

(25:30) Start by sticking to 1 blog post/week to build traffic and ranking. Focus on creating blog/article content that people want to engage with to get the full benefits of SEO.

(30:00) Breaking down the content building process:

1. Capitalize on competitor articles by writing in more detail and updated info
2. Content in conversational tones does better.
3. Articles on page 1 on Google tend to have 2,200 words
4. Use subheadings
5. Keep paragraphs short. (5-6 lines)
6. Use images, video, and audio to make text easier to digest
7. Wrap up with a summary
8. End with a question prompting further engagement.

(38:20) Month #3 – Building links & Get Social Shares.
Search engines judge which sites should rank at the top by votes. And there are two types of votes:

1. Links – One website linking to your website. Relevancy and authority matter!
2. Social Shares – Indirectly affect your search ranking. More shares = more traffic!

(42:30) Ahrefs will help you find authority links by putting in your competitor URLs (not the homepage, the content pages) and you’ll see every single person who has linked to them.

Take that list and contact each person with your better-written article.

Phew, we’re outta breath. Click through, crew, there’s so much more info.


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