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How to Create a Wikipedia Page (Step by Step)

Do a quick experiment with us. Go to Google and type in Nike or Aldi or any notable company. In the info box on the right, you’ll see details about the company. Take a closer look – is the description sourced from Wikipedia or Wikidata?

Now that we have your attention, today we’re learning that a branded Wikipedia page can improve your brand equity. And Ahrefs offers tips to create one with the highest chance of surviving the review process long-term.

  • Check your notability. Not every brand is up to Wikipedia’s notability standards, and it seemingly has a bias against the SEO industry. Wikipedia calls an organization notable if it “has been the subject of significant coverage in reliable, independent secondary sources.”
  • Find sources to establish notability. Dig into your backlinks for some usable sources. If you’ve been mentioned in books and journals, then pull in those references as well. Google Books can be a time saver here.
  • Create a user page. You’ll become a trusted member of the Wikipedia community once you build up enough valuable edits and contributions. When you’re posting about your brand, you should disclose your affiliation with the brand so any conflicts of interest are clearly visible.
  • Create an outline. Don’t include anything you cannot cite. The more rock-solid your sources are, the more likely it is your page will stay up. Refer to other companies in your industry and take note of their page structures.
  • Draft your page. Five things you should keep in mind when you write are simplicity, neutral tone, objectivity, verifiability, and originality.
  • Monitor your entries. Anyone can collaborate on Wikipedia. Keep an eye on your page in case anyone makes adjustments or revisions. Enable notifications so you don’t miss anything!

You’re ready to dive into the wonderful world of Wikipedia! Read the rest of Ahrefs’ tips so you can craft the best page possible.


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