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How to Create Blog Posts People Want to Read

When you start a business, chances are you’ll be advised to start a blog with it. Everyone’s on the blog hustle these days. Maybe you’re there now. Maybe you chug away on posts only to find out that no one’s really picking up what you’re laying down.

Neil Patel knows this problem firsthand, and he’s setting out to help you solve it in today’s Watch (a whopping 3 minutes long!) Here are a few of his tips:

  1. Write conversationally
  2. Keep paragraphs short 
  3. Write a solid conclusion. Readers often go to the bottom of a post before reading the whole thing, so make sure your conclusion is dialed in.
  4. Use photos. Make sure they’re high quality, non-stock photos whenever possible. 
  5. Be thorough and actionable. If your article is helpful, you’ll earn more respect – and fans! 

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