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How To Create Content That Ranks For 11,000+ Keywords

Julia McCoy, CEO of Express Writers, is a lit-er-al keyword kween. She has lead content projects that now rank for more than 11,000 keywords! And, content that she’s published years ago is still top ranking!

If that don’t impress you much, what are you doing! Keywords are theeee most important promotion tool you can use to help your content reach the biggest audience…

Basically, we’re really excited to hear what Julia is dishing in today’s Listen. Some lit-er-al secrets to success right here:

  • (02:15) What made Julia start Express Writers and what she does there.
  • (03:58) An overview of the content strategy at Express Writers.
  • (04:42) Why consistency is keeeey. Express Writers has over 1000 blogs they built out in the last six years!
  • (05:25) Rand Fishkin’s & 10x content (content on a topic that’s 10 times better than what anyone else is doing), and why Julia rules out topics with 10x content. 
  • (06:30) How Julia helps older content maintain a high ranking in the search engines.
  • (07:23) Why it’s vital to create content where that keywords IS the topic. Make sure it’s the focus—naturally.
  • (08:22) Why targeting low-competition keywords works. (Psst… this is one of her “secrets to success.”)
  • (09:37) How Julia finds the keywords and what tools she uses.
  • (11:10) Two approaches she takes to make sure content will rank for a keyword despite the competition.
  • (12:22) The two factors Julia considers when she defines “good content” for Express Writers.
  • (14:30) Tips on weaving keywords into great content. 
  • (15:53) Why geo specific keywords are the bommmmb—what Julia calls a “goldmine of a keyword.”  
  • (19:56) Why long-form content is important when it comes to ranking.
  • (25:45) Where to focus first if you’re a content marketer just getting started with using keywords.

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