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How to Create Your Promotional Calendar

“How do you plan out your promotions?” That’s a question Amy Porterfield gets asked a lot. No wonder—she slays the promotional calendar game.

Today’s Listen isn’t merely tip and insights for making a promotional calendar. Nah, Amy outlines the exact blueprint she uses in her own business. She only insists that you get a big 6-month dry erase calendar (and maybe a million sticky notes) and take an entire day for the process.

Seems like a long day, but when you follow her blueprint, the payoff is well, literal payoff.

We timestamped some major parts for you:

  • (07:00) Step 1: Answer the question, “If I were to wave a magic wand and instantly have a breakthrough year what would that year look like?”
  • (08:25) Example of what this might look like.
  • (09:53) Step 2: Find your “non-negotiables” and why these non-negotiables crucial to your business success.
  • (11:58) Step 3: Declare your number. How much $ do you want to make this year?
  • (13:30) Step 4: Get clarity on the past so you can plan for the future.
  • (14:15) The metrics you should come to the table with.
  • (16:00) Once you have some metrics, ask yourself these 7 questions.
  • (18:18) Write down all of the stuff you talked about and wished you could do or never got around to.
  • (18:40) Step 5: Calendar your big promotions for the year. This is two phases.
  • (20:00) A list of different ways you might want to make money.
  • (21:20) Why you should get specific on your revenue projections.
  • (21:55) Example of how to do this and the steps to take after.
  • (25:30) Why it’s okay, even encouraged, to go back to the drawing board.
  • (27:35) A big mistake to avoid when planning out your promotions.
  • (30:45) Why you need white space between promotions.
  • (34:58) How to not let FOMO take you down in your planning process.
  • (36:06) Step 6: Review all of the work you’ve done for the day. Ask yourself these key questions.
  • (40:40) The next big step…

Visit her webpage for access to what she calls her “cheat sheet,” a transcript of the episode, and more insights and takeaways. But because the podcast on her page counts down, we’re linking up to a different channel →

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