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How to Define Your Target Audience for SEO

Wish – Shopping Made Fun. Y’all have surely seen their ads on Facebook. Most of the time we don’t even know what their products are for. For that matter, we don’t even know who they’re for. Hopefully Wish has a good idea of their target audience, but it wouldn’t appear so. Knowing your audience is crucial. SEMrush is showing us how to define your target audience for SEO.

  • Understand Your Current Customer Demographics. Your ideal customers are probably very similar to the customers you already have. After all, they purchased your products. Chat with your sales team to get an idea of what the ideal customer looks like. Furthermore, head into Google Analytics and explore the audience tab to get a better idea of demographics, locations, and interests.
  • Utilize Social Insights. Similar to Google Analytics, insights from your social accounts will give you granular information on those who interact with your pages. Facebook Audiences is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to defining peoples’ interests, so start there.
  • Analyze the SERPs. Take a look at how your target keywords currently rank. Determine whether or not the results are focused on learning or purchasing. This is a great indicator of search intent. Also, pay attention to paid search ads and note any common content themes amongst ranking pages.
  • Know Your Competitors Inside Out. Your competitors have likely done much of the work you’re doing now. There’s nothing wrong with taking a look at who they’re targeting with their SEO strategy. Note which of their keywords rank high on the SERPs and their top pages. These are all keywords and positions you’ll want to compete for but look for any gaps where you can score quicker wins.

Read on for more tips on defining your target audience.


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