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How to Emotionally Support Your Customers Through Content

People are so emotional…and we’re supposed to be! We’re pretty dang complex and our emotions are a large part of the complexity. Put simply, we each have three brains. The lizard brain controls our fight-or-flight. Our emotional brain tends to overrule the rational brain. The rational brain tries to validate decisions made by the others.

So, why are we talking about brains? When it comes to content, triggering emotional responses is extremely powerful. In fact, a study of 1,400 ad campaigns found that emotional content was twice as effective as purely rational content. With this in mind, CoSchedule is teaching how to emotionally support your customers through content.

  • Actively Listen and Create Space to Be Heard. People need a place where they can share their questions and concerns. Something as simple as a chatbot can help set the tone for a conducive conversation. It can start by asking about the user’s day and including emojis. Be sure to include responses that acknowledge the user’s comments.
  • Reflect Your Customers’ Exact Language Back to Them. If you know someone’s dietary preference is vegetarian, then you wouldn’t serve them fried chicken. Take the time to research your audience and determine their pain points as well as the words they use. Use the same verbiage in your marketing materials and you’ll have better success in achieving a relatable and understandable message.
  • Leverage the Power of Storytelling. Stories are easy to relate to. Setting a scene with characters like ourselves allows us to see ourselves in someone else’s shoes. Relating to a story at an emotional level is achievable with a well-crafted, relevant story.

Read on for two more ways to emotionally support your customers through content.


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