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How to Encourage Higher Employee Engagement on Social Media

A successful employee advocacy strategy rests on employees who are engaged on social media. But how do you get them engaged? PostBeyond makes it easy to enable your employees to share content on social media. They have solutions for marketing, sales teams, and HR to help you out.

Even better, they have a free guide to share! Fine-tune your employee advocacy efforts using these solutions:

The Question: What catches the interests of employees?

  • Recognition: Celebrating the work and achievements of employees goes a long way for your brand image and shows your employees that your company values them.
  • Involvement: Loop your employees in the content creation process.
  • Competition: Spark some healthy initiative by giving employees the opportunity to win something.

The Solutions: 

  • Create “Spotlight” Content: When you celebrate or promote a specific member of your team, they are very likely to share it with their colleagues who are also willing to celebrate the post as well. Social media takeovers, shout-outs, and subject matter expert conversations are some of the ways to do this.
  • Encourage Employee Generated Content (EGC): Continuously educate your employees on your social media guidelines (we hope you have those!). Create an open forum where employees can share ideas and content.
  • Highlight Company Culture: Highlight the experiences of your team! This is great for recruiting purposes, showcasing your values, and further encouraging employees to engage with content.

PostBeyond are experts at helping companies reach networks with intelligent content and insightful analytics. Check out PostBeyond’s full e-book for all of the details and content examples to use in your employee advocacy strategy.


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