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How to Engineer Social Media Content

Social Media Marketing is becoming such a big deal that universities are beginning to do research studies on social media content. Good news for us marketers.

Today’s Listen is an interview with Kartik Hosanagar, a professor of Operations & Information Management Department at Wharton (aka professional Smart Guy). In this interview, Kartik discusses the types of content that gets maximum engagement on social media and how to create more of that content.

A few of the v important points he makes:

  • If you’re after engagement, use more emotional content. This content connects with people and builds a stronger relationship with your fans.
  • If you want more sales, use more promotional content. This type of content works, but it lacks engagement.
  • The best companies do a great job of blending “brand personality” posts with promotional posts.
  • Mentioning holidays in posts actually leads to lower engagement because so many other brands are doing it.

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