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How to Get Better Content by Documenting Your Content Creation Process

Socrates must be rolling in his grave due to the world’s reliance on writing. A true purist, he felt people would become forgetful of their own memories by keeping thoughts externally. You do you, but we’re not about to pick up the phone and call to respond to every email we receive. Heck, how about taking an order for a large group at a restaurant without a notepad? We’re keeping a pen handy for sure.

When it comes to defining processes, a game of telephone isn’t going to translate well at the end of the day. That’s why Convince & Convert is telling us how to get better content by documenting your content creation process.

  • Make the Process Clear, Simple, and Accessible. You may know your process inside and out, but what does it take to communicate that process to someone else on your team? If your current documentation isn’t straightforward, then nobody will effectively replicate it the way you want them to. Write out your steps simply and save it in a place people can easily find it without having to Slack you over and over asking for it.
  • Define Your Business Success Metrics and Content Objectives. Content has to be intentional. Your content should directly support your business goals. Clearly define what your business goals are, then write out how your content will serve those business goals. This will help you to craft your content in a way that meaningfully furthers your objectives.
  • Document Your Brand Guidelines. The purpose of documenting this whole creation process is to keep everyone on the same page. To achieve this, content creators have to know how to stay on brand and stick to the brand’s style. Ensure your brand guidelines are just as easy to find as your content creation process because it’s an important part of it.

Did you get all that? Don’t worry, you won’t need to memorize it all, because Convince & Convert has the rest of these tips conveniently written out.


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