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How to Get Off the #AgencyLife Struggle Bus

As marketers, we all work toward similar goals for our clients. Whether the job is rebranding, generating leads, or establishing a presence on social media, we all look to that ::cha ching:: bottom line.

Even with the tons of innovative methods and tools at our fingertips, we still face several challenges. Enter: the struggle. Hey, #AgencyLife is more than just our awesomeness…

Are you ready to hop off the bus and get closer to the gravy train? Today’s Read can help, with “8 of the Top Marketing Challenges Marketers Face Today [New Data].” (Did you catch the new data part?)

Here’s what you’ll see explained in the article:

  1. Generating traffic and leads
  2. Providing the ROI of your marketing activities
  3. Securing Enough Budget
  4. Managing your website
  5. Identifying the right technologies
  6. Targeting content for an international audience
  7. Training your team
  8. Hiring top talent

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