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How to Get People to Engage With You and Your Blog

Ahh, engagement. We fight so hard for this metric and it’s like attempting to give a cat a bath. Here’s the thing tho, an engaged audience leads to some serious buyer loyalty.

ProBlogger is giving us tips to up our engagement game. Let’s dig in!

  • Be the community you want to create. Believe it or not, this takes practice. You can’t expect people to engage with you if you aren’t returning the favor. Digital convos are a two-way street too. It is quite a commitment tho so set time aside every day to manage engagement.

Insider Tip: Answering questions, no problem. But, what about an emoji comment? Focus on the emotion or reaction that’s given off by the emoji. See this – “😍💪”?  Respond with “Sending that love right back at ya, friend.”

  • Set up an autoresponder. What happens after a newbie signs up for your newsletter? You probably send a thank you email, amirite? Take that thank you email to the next level with engaging questions. Encourage an engaging relationship from the start.
    • Email 1 should look something like: A “thank you for subscribing” + delivery frequency + future expectation + Invite readers to reply (and offer template questions).
  • Create engaging content. Whether it’s a blog, social post, podcast, video or whatever content your heart desires, end each piece with a question. Now, don’t ask deep, personal questions. Make it as easy to answer as possible.
    • For example, a How-To blog could ask – “Did any step in this How-to guide trip you up?” Then if you want to make it even easier for people to respond, offer the question like it’s multiple choice.

Insider Tip: For goodness sake, make sure you respond to every comment.

ProBlogger continues with advice on live streaming and creating content events. Smash the button and become an engaging wizard!


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