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How to Get Traffic to Your Online Store

It’s break time. As in, I-can’t-possibly-work-on-this-project-anymore-so-I’m-gonna-surf-the web-break time. Sometimes, a sale on your favorite site is just too hard to ignore (especially when it falls on a payday). Well, your secret is safe with us. We may or may not have just bought fidget spinners for the office.

In other words, e-commerce has captivated our minds and will continue to do so. As marketers, we have to adapt. Today’s Watch with Brian Dean provides in-depth advice on correctly using e-commerce SEO to push more traffic to online stores.

Here are a few points Dean explores during the video:   

  1. Domain Authority
  2. Product Page Optimization
  3. Including 1000 words of content on your most important product pages
  4. Including your keyword 3-5x per page

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