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How to Get Users and Grow

Facebook, as well all know, is a big deal. Far bigger than its social and cultural parameters. It’s huge, accounting for 6.56% of all Internet traffic. Crazy to think they have a VP of Growth when they’re such a dominant force. But, best believe they’re not done yet. Naturally, they want a bigger share of Internet traffic. 

Today’s Watch is a lecture given to Stanford by Alex Schultz, Facebook’s VP of Growth. Alex is one of the driving forces behind why Facebook so big. 

In his talk, Alex covers things like:

  • What matters most to growth (spoiler: it’s retention)
  • The formula for growth accounting (New Users – Churning Users + Resurrecting Users = Net Growth)
  • How to operate for growth (this point is vital for any company looking to grow)

Ugh, it’s so good, we simply cannot sum it all up.


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