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How to Grow a Facebook Page Without Paying for It

Wanna take a guess at how many followers Mack Trucks has on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? Go ahead… Just take a guess… 

Okay, here are your answers:
FB: 170k
IG: 38.2k
Twitter: 23k

Right?! Those are huge numbers for a truck brand. Who knew there were that many commercial trucking fans out there? When we saw those numbers, we had to know…what are they doing on social media that’s making them so successful?

Apparently, the hosts at SocialPros had the same question because they decided to interview Neil Tolbert, Director of Marketing at Mack Trucks, to find out.

We know, you’re thinking “I don’t care about trucks.” At first, we didn’t either, but Neil drops some serious knowledge about social media and marketing.

Time to get learned…

  • (4:00) Mack is a big brand, with a small marketing team – only 4 people on it. They’re structured by skillset – one person writes content, one does video, one on social media, and of course, the boss oversees it all.
  • (7:01) Mack has never run any paid “like acquisition” ads for their social channels. They try to stick to being organic in their page growth.
  • (7:56) They have a different posting strategy for every social platform. **Write that down.**
  • (11:10) Mack has a super long sales cycle. What metrics do they look at to prove the ROI of social media?
  • (16:40) Unsurprisingly, Mack Trucks is dealing with a lot of customer service requests on social media. They handle those requests with a number of systems including a CRM, a social listening tool, Eloqua, and a little bit of manual emailing back and forth.
  • (21:59) Followers on all of their platforms have increased exponentially. Neil attributes that to their storytelling – they tell customer stories, stories of the trucks, their history, etc. They also use influencer marketing! (Whaaa? We didn’t expect that from a truck brand.)
  • (28:40) How Neil compares Mack to their competitors.

You should probably just listen to this one in its entirety.

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