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How to Grow from 0 to 1 Million Customers with Noah Kagan

Ever wonder what the process would look like to get a million users from scratch?

Noah Kagan of, AppSumo, and OkDork is The Man with The Plan, and he’s sharing this process in today’s Listen. Tune in for ways to help set better goals and achieve more than you have before. Spoiler alert: it’s really all about experimentation.

“You’re like a scientist; you make a hypothesis of what you think things will be and then you experiment with it. The point I would make is that you make a hypothesis, do a little research and then within a week or two weeks, you can actually see if it’s making a difference or not.”

Noah’s got a ton of awesome advice in this 20-minute podcast, or jump to the timestamps below:

  • (02:03) How Noah handles the marketing at and why he thinks content marketing, blogging, and affiliate marketing has the most potential.
  • (03:55) After he was fired by Facebook, Noah ended up at Mint, where he helped grow the company from zero to over a million users.
  • (04:45) When Noah approached the founder of Mint, he didn’t know anything about marketing. But he made it work him by essentially saying, Let me show you a plan and if you like my plan, I’ll do it for free…If you like my execution, then hire me full time.” Now, that’s what we call Stop Thinking Like an Employee.
  • (06:38) Always have a goal and timeline in place. “The moment that marketers don’t have that stuff in place is the moment I already discount them and I would bet against almost every single one that don’t have that stuff set up.”
  • (08:35) The process Noah used to put his plan together, come up with ideas, and figure out how much traffic he had — which he still does to this day.
  • (11:12) Everything in business is a hypothesis to some extent and you must keep experimenting.
  • (12:25) Set a goal and act 100% on it, then reiterate from that.
  • (14:50) Why copying methods you see described on other people’s blog posts doesn’t work.
  • (18:45) The amount that you get from a just a blog post, book, or course, pales in comparison to the value of actually going and doing it yourself. See what happens!

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