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How to Grow Your Personal LinkedIn Account

Buffer’s Charu Mitra Dubey grew her LinkedIn account to over 42k followers with these fundamental tips:

  1. Create a basic audience persona like you would for your brand. What are your targets’ industries, job titles, pain points, and interests?
  2. Follow the 80-20 rule. Most of your content should be niche-specific, illuminating your area of expertise, while the remainder can be generic and engaging to a broader audience.
  3. Be an early adopter of new LinkedIn features to increase your visibility and engagement.
  4. Collect insights and inspiration in one place, manually or digitally, to reference later.
  5. Study what works for other successful creators. What content structures, tones, engagement strategies, and headlines seem to get consistent attention?
  6. Interact with people. Turn on post notifications, slide into DMs, leave genuine comments, and show real interest.

Read more on her strategy at Buffer.


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