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How to Handle Criticism as an Online Marketer

GASP! The ever-feared feedback! The cantankerous critics! The crabby commentary! The dizzy of disapproving dialogue!

Criticism is damn-near impossible to avoid, especially if you have an online presence or business. We all know by now how much people love to hide behind the internet’s virtual shields. Considering the often-negative climate of today’s cyberscape, we think it’s a good idea to refresh how to handle criticism—whether it’s constructive feedback hiding in a poor delivery or just plain mean.

For today’s Listen, Amy Porterfield is sharing a handful helpful reminders and lessons that she’s learned from her own experiences.

Criticisms can be cold—keep a cool head about ‘em. Jump to 05:15 to get started.

  • (05:15) What to do when “trolls” are in your audience, are your clients or your students
  • (06:00) First approach to criticism
  • (06:15) How Amy tried to make up for a “mistake” with a disgruntled fan and how it went very, very wrong
  • (09:00) What Amy learned from her experience and how she should have handled the criticism
  • (09:20) What it means to actually handle something with “grace and elegance”
  • (10:45) How to and why you should stand in confidence of the decision you’re making and be ready for criticism and negative responses
  • (12:00) Criticism tip #2
  • (12:15) How two of Amy’s students handled a flood of negative comments…
  • (15:15) Third approach to criticism
  • (15:30) How Amy handles really harsh and rude feedback even when it’s true and valuable
  • (15:15) Why criticism can be really helpful, depending on the delivery
  • (16:45) What Amy learned after that horrible experience dealing with criticism (and what she does now)
  • (17:45) How do you deliver criticism?

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