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How to Improve Your Facebook Video Watch Time

We’ve all heard on repeat that Video is the Future. It’s likely your company has already started chugging out some video content. Or maybe you’ve added it to your calendar for 2018. (Speaking of calendars…check out yesterday’s Read.)

Whether you’ve adopted video with open arms or standing nervously on the sidelines, today’s Read can help you see real success with your vids. It’s not enough to simply hop on the video-wagon and hope for results.

This is about taking the necessary steps to make sure your content is being viewed—and being viewed until the end. Don’t you want your hard work to be properly received? Of course you do!

Specifically, this article runs through the steps of creating a Facebook ad campaign for your video that generates longer Facebook video watch times. Below are the steps, but you’ll want to read the article in full. It’s super detailed and helpful.

  1. Upload Your Video to Your Page’s Video Library — A lot of marketers upload their video directly into the Facebook ad system, but this strategy works most effectively when you upload the video to your page’s video library instead.
  2. Optimize Your Video’s Text and Thumbnail Attributes — Choose a killer title and write an attention-grabbing description that ends with a CTA. Add relevant tags and upload your SRT file, which adds captions to your videos. Captions are crucial. Finally, upload a custom thumbnail. Choose a high-quality image containing less than 20% text.
  3. Schedule the Video for Release — Scheduling your vid allows you to time your ad campaign to go live at the same moment the organic video does. Scheduling the video organically instead of uploading it just as an ad also gives you the benefit of commenting on it first… →
  4. Make the First Comment Prior to Release — Before the video goes live, add the first comment. You can apply this strategy to blog posts and social media posts, too. When you make the first comment, it can increase watch times and clicks like whoa!   
  5. Create the Facebook Ad Campaign to Promote Your Video — Wooh! Your video is ready, so now go to Power Editor to create your ads. When you’re creating your ad, choose the Video Views objective. This will show your ad to people most likely to watch your video for a longer period of time.

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