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How To Incorporate Conversational AI To Improve Customer Experiences

Automation has entered the chat. Delivering real-time personalization or help has become the new standard in our ever-expanding world of instant responses and artificial intelligence.

Conversational marketing as a strategy is about taking real-time conversations and two-way dialogue to engage customers and move them through your funnels. This provides efficiency for your team and (even better) improves your customer experience.

Let’s bring in the bots. Conversational AI takes those automated customer-facing experiences a step further. It’s not just about using the latest technologies. It requires an understanding of your consumer behavior with your existing business model.

If you are thinking of using AI in your organization, here are five factors are to consider about effective conversational AI:

  1. Content transformation: As mentioned, you gotta know how your customers are currently interacting with you to find where AI can fulfill your needs better. Organizations will have to structure their data with intelligent document processing platforms before they can integrate automation platforms.
  2. Advanced RPA: Finding robust robotic process automation (RPA) is essential to converge content and for process awareness. Basically, it’s making your bots have a better understanding and learning.
  3. Hybrid approach: This is the most important factor when considering AI in your conversational marketing strategy. We got pretty technical here, meaning that whatever platform you use is going to have to play nice and integrate across your other business tools.

For the other two factors and a thorough explanation of conversational AI, check out the full article.


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