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How to Makeover Your Blog to Get More Traction (with Julie Solomon)

Oh, blogs, how little we speak of thee. Facebook and Instagram get most of the marketing love, but that blog you meant to start three years ago should actually be a fundamental piece of your business. The foundation, not an extremity.

“That’s where the heart lives. That’s where the story and brand of the business truly stems from and truly lies.”

That’s how Julie Solomon approaches her own blog. She’s a blogging expert and thriving entrepreneur, so we’re taking notes. Her blog acts as a resource for other bloggers, creatives, and influencers to level up their brand, business, and income. She’s killin’ it.

Amy Porterfield linked up with Julie to talk about the blog hustle and the crucial connection between blogging and successful businesses. Plus, Julie shares her strategies for blogging that get real results (i.e., awesome engagement and traffic). Who says you can’t teach an old blog new tricks?

Tune in below:

  • (04:45) How Julie got her start and her journey through the PR biz
  • (09:20) How she took her blog from a hobby to a business
  • (12:05) First steps people need to do before creating their blog
  • (12:17) Why Julie calls her blog “the headquarters”
  • (14:05) Why it’s so important to get weirdly specific about the questions you ask about your audience—like, what’s their favorite Margarita flavor?
  • (18:15) The 3 statements you should tackle when writing for your specific audience
  • (18:35) What is the most unique way that you can reach your audience? What are you providing and how are you going to be a solution provider for them?
  • (19:20) The five core values a great blog post stems from
  • (23:13) Julie’s steps to stay consistent
  • (27:10) The biggest mistakes bloggers make
  • (35:22) Julie’s favorite tools to promote her blog posts
  • (38:02) How to know if you have a “healthy” blog
  • (41:53) How your mom can help you optimize your blog (hey, her words, not ours)
  • (45:00) Trigger words: what are they and how you can use them

As always, Amy hooked it up with a beautiful transcript for all you readers out there.


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