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How to Market on Quora

Have you thought about marketing on Quora?

Either way, we’re gonna throw a lot at you on this fine Tuesday morning. And, it’s all about Quora.

Why Quora?

  • Support existing and potential customers using forums to ask questions.
  • Tap into a vast, new audience of over 300 million monthly unique users.
  • Drive referral traffic from popular answers.
  • Build your personal brand here.

(You can dive in deeper to each of these bullet points here.)

You got your why – here’s your how.

  • Start with a good bio: Believe it or not, people will actually click through to your bio. We recommend tracking it with a tool like or something similar. To optimize your profile bio, tell people who you are, what you do, add a call-to-action and show some social proof that you’re a subject-matter expert.
  • Identify good questions: Think about the 80/20 rule here. 20% of the questions you could answer on Quora will actually send you traffic. So, how do you find these questions? We make a killer recommendation in the tools section today for this one. For even more, make sure you smash that ‘Read More’ button below.
  • Provide actual value with your answers: This comes down to good copywriting and knowing what you’re talking about. Make sure you capture folks’ attention with a strong intro sentence and image. Also, don’t be afraid to tell stories and use controversy to your advantage.
  • Be consistent: It’s going to take some time to gain traction on Quora. The more you engage, the more you’ll appear in people’s feeds.
  • Take advantage of Quora Spaces (equivalent to Facebook Groups): This feature is still in beta, and you must be invited to create one, but you can still join and participate.

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