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How to Maximize Your Campaign with Instagram

But first, lemme take a selfie.

Sometimes you need to sell more than just yourself on Insta — you need to sell your business or your brand. Instagram has proven itself to be a seriously effective way to engage consumers to products. And today’s Watch shows there are ways to market your next campaign that still align with your personal brand — not just your brand-brand. After all, “people do not like being sold to,” so make it authentic for the very best results.

Sue B. Zimmerman explains 4 (free!) ways to maximize your Instagram market strategy. Here they are:

  1. Feature your campaign in your description. This is more than just providing a link in your bio — get creative!
  2. Make sure the campaign has a branded, visual theme that stands out from your other posts, but is also cohesive.
  3. Remind people in your captions that there’s more details in that ol’ link in bio.
  4. Stories, stories, stories — make sure you’re being active and consistent with them, too! 

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