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How to Network Online Like a Champ

Networking and conferences look a smidgen different nowadays…aka – it went virtual. It’s a little chaotic and full of tech issues, but the camaraderie is more alive than ever.

Sure, in time, in-person conferences will come back bigger than ever. For right now though, Moz is showing how to jump into the virtual networking pool.

Keep a weather eye out for opportunities such as…

  • Live Chats whether it’s through an actual event platform, or via a Twitter/Reddit thread.
  • Ask Me Anything interviews or Q&A panels for your chance to chat with an expert after their presentation.
  • Hyper-specific mini-conferences, or break-out sessions on a pre-determined topic.
  • Select Facebook Groups that you’re excited to learn from and will be committed to.

Speaking of commitment, what does meaningful interaction look like?

  • Bring your perspective to the table. Your insight can bring a lot of value to the conversation by offering a different side to the original comment or by building on it.
  • If you have knowledge to share, say it loud, friend. Doing this can position yourself as an expert and form connections with like-minded people.
  • When it makes sense, back yourself up with resources whether you ask a question, answer one, or responding to a comment. Putting this to practice will help establish your credibility.
  • Here’s one last tip – don’t forget to speak with kindness. As we’re cemented in front of computer and phone screens, we’re forgetting it’s a person on the other end.

You found a few networking opportunities, you’re jumping all in, but a real pro doesn’t stop there. It’s the follow up that makes the lasting difference.

  • When interacting with like-minded folks, make a “Want-to-Meet” list. These are folks you want to reach out to later whether for new talent, professional partnerships, or a debate buddy.
  • Invite your new friend to regular 1:1 meetups. We’re big fans of the morning coffee chat but that’s just us.

Visit Moz for all the details on becoming a pro networker.


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