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How to Organize Your Email: 12 Management Tools

Does your inbox… overwhelm you? Are you plagued by promotions, but too lazy to unsubscribe? Does your inbox say “1-50 out of 6,709”? Do you have multiple email accounts you flip between and wade through daily?

Does this sound like you? If your Inbox is miraculously at “zero” at the end of most weeks, then today’s Read is not for you, and, frankly, we don’t trust you.

If opening your email each day is like opening the floodgates, then let’s get you organized, baby. There are so many cool tools out there to help keep your inbox — and yourself — in check.

Below are some especially awesome ones we’ve picked out from the list:

  1. is a tool that lets you mass unsubscribe from all the newsletters you don’t read. Just let ‘em go, you don’t need ‘em anymore. You’re better off without them. (If only you Unroll.myex from all your favorite places in town, amirite?)
  2. FollowUpThen reminds you — and even your clients — to follow up on specific emails. Compose an email, and then include [any time] in the ‘Bcc’, ‘Cc’, or ‘To’ fields of your email. ← Those fields will change how the reminder is sent.
  3. IFTTT (If This Then That) helps you connect the apps and devices you use every day with “if this, then that” statements, like texting you when someone specific emails you, for example. You reeeally gotta see everything this app does for yourself.
  4. SaneBox manages your folders by analyzing new emails and placing them in their respective folders (SaneLater, SaneNews, etc.) based on your past interaction with your inbox. SaneBlackHole is another folder that’ll help you delete emails and unsubscribe from them in one fell swoop. Whoa.

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