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How to promote your blog on social media

If you’re regularly cranking out new blog posts, then you’re probably eager to grow your readership; it’s a no brainer. Growing readership, however, takes some serious attention. Social media is just where that attention ought to go, and Ashley Grant talks about how to promote your blog on social media in this GoDaddy post.


  • Don’t only share your own content. Mix it up with other links your audience will enjoy. Provide value above all.
  • Don’t share too frequently. Try not to share posts more than 60 times per month if you have fewer than 10,000 followers. Even if you have more than 10,000 followers, “clicks per post peaked between 31 and 60 posts per month” according to Hubspot.


  • Maximize your Instagram bio. Unless you have more than 10,000 followers, you can only add your website or blog link in your bio. Get the most out of your bio link with Linktree. This way you can offer a variety of your blog posts in just one link.
  • Experiment with post frequency. People who use Instagram more will show up in the news feed more often. Test out different post frequencies until you arrive at the sweet spot for your audience.


  • Cushion your shoutouts. If you mention someone in regard to your blog, don’t put their Twitter handle at the front of your tweet. If you do, then only people who follow you and the person you tagged will be able to see your tweet. Instead, put the handle in the middle or at the end of your tweet where more people can see it.
  • Keep posting. Twitter is fast and noisy. If you’re trying to get your content out there, keep posting the link, but change the rest of the tweet.


  • Use search-friendly descriptions. When promoting your blog on Pinterest, use a description similar to your blog’s meta description.
  • Make the most of boards. Post your blog’s pin to a relevant board on your Pinterest page. This will help Pinterest gather an idea of what category your blog post falls under.

There are plenty more tips here covering the above channels as well as LinkedIn and YouTube, so read on for more of what Ashley and GoDaddy have to say.


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